Daytripper: Waco TX

Recently my team had a fun meeting in Waco, so we of course we took the opportunity to have a little...ok a lot of fun on the road trip!
You can’t go to Waco without seeing Magnolia Market!  We walked through the Magnolia store and even got to see the new Garden Store, which was opening that day! It’s amazing to see other entrepreneurs killing it in their own journey and knowing what it took to get there makes me appreciate it even more.  CONGRATS Chip and Joanna on everything you have accomplished and I can't wait to see what the Lord leads you to next. 
We finished our trip with lunch at the Health Camp. It has such a special meaning to me because my parents used to come here on dates when my dad was in law school at Baylor. They have the best "Healthburgers", shakes and my favorite...their onion rings! Still telling myself the 3K calories I consumed were in some way healthy... A fun way to walk it off is a quick visit to see "Judge" the cute and cuddly Baylor Mascot.
Tell us your favorite things to search for in a new city!
XOXO -Darbie

Darbie Angell

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