Millennial Entrepreneur - Social Media Roundup

Is anyone else a social media junkie like me? (I know you are 😉 ) Here are some of my favorite spots on the web!
Letterfolk Co. - Ashlyn has got me hooked on this cute company!  They create these letter boards that you can update with motivational quotes or even a little love letter to start the day!  

Cause Driven
CLEAN Cause. Wes Hurt  - This guy is killing it! Trust his story and you will instantly feel the energy that surrounds this company. It takes grit not only to run a successful company, but to also make an impact in the world. He is conquering both of his dreams!
Bryan Gardner - I am so blessed to have this guy as a good friend!  He is as humble as they come so I will brag on him!  He worked his booty off to become Martha Stewart's photographer and his attention to detail is RIDICULOUS!  Check out his page to see a glimpse into his life.  Bonus is he has the most awesome dog named Samson that thinks he is...ok he is...a model!  
Fashion Blogger
Jessi from The Darling Detail is our favorite fashion blogger right now!  She is sassy, classy and just plain cute! 

Who are your favorite people on the internet? Comment below!
XOXO -Darbie

Darbie Angell

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