2018 Goals!

W O W.


Christmas is already over, and now it's almost 2018?! Where did the time go?!?!?!


New Years is one of my favorite holidays because you get to take a step back and appreciate the past, and set goals for the future! You guys, dreaming is SO important, because you can't live your dream life without putting in the effort to plan out what that could be without them! 

Take some time and think about where you are, where you came from, and where you want to go. It's inspiring, right?! There's so much potential in a day, you just have to seek it out and embrace it! And that's exactly what we're planning on doing for 2018. I can't tell you just what we're expecting yet, but I can tell you that we're expecting some pretty incredible things... :-)


Anyway, let's talk goals. 


We all say, "Oh I wish I were more ___" or "I wish I had time to ___." It's time to whip out your notebooks and make these things happen! Make a list of your favorite things about yourself, then make a list of areas where you'd like to improve. That's a great place to start out! And if you're having trouble brainstorming after all the Christmas eggnog and what not, here's a list of possible ideas to borrow from! 


  • Drink more water
  • Travel over seas
  • Clean out your closet
  • Start a blog
  • Run a 5k
  • Run a 10k
  • Learn Italian
  • Wear Sunscreen every day!
  • Cut your phone usage
  • Spend more time with family
  • Start journaling
  • Keep more lists
  • Find a penpal
  • Have more friends over
  • Learn to make your favorite Starbucks drinks at home
  • Take a Pilates class
  • Take up a new hobby
  • Read books that will help you to grow
  • Cut off people that bring you down
  • Find more people who inspire you
  • Get out of bed without opening your phone
  • Quit a bad habit
  • Take one photo every day for the whole year
  • Declutter your home
  • Eat breakfast
  • Volunteer more
  • Do Meatless Mondays (January 1st is a Monday this year!)
  • Meditate before each day
  • Smile more :-)


Please DON'T be that person who tries them all-- a single person can only take so much!

But hey, if you're up for a handful, more power to you! You've got this!!!


One thing I notice about goals is that there are a thousand loopholes and ways to crack them early. SO here's some ideas on how to actually maintain your goals too!:


1. Have an Accountability Buddy

This is the strongest way to ensure that you won't slip up. Find a friend or a family member that you keep in close contact with, and agree to help her to stick to her goals too! You can set up rewards together (Margaritas, concert tickets, a spurge on ice cream and Netflix?), and check up on each other from time to time. Not only will you come closer to your goals, but you will also become closer to each other in the process! That's a two-for-one deal right there!


2. Make Tangible Goals!

It's SO easy to say "I'm going to be healthier this year" because that's something everyone wants, but there's really nothing tangible in this goal. It's fine to set vague goals if you have a plan to accompany them. For an example, you could add that you're going to run at least twice a week, and you're skipping dessert for at least five days a week. If it's a long term goal, like running a 10k, set benchmarks for yourself in Google Calendar, and make sure you can reach that 3 mile marker by April. Give yourself something to hold on to!


3. Don't Overwhelm Yourself

Taking up a challenge is a great idea! I am in total support for anyone who wants to push themselves to grow, but you do need to be somewhat realistic. Don't do something that will harm yourself physically, mentally, or emotionally. It's totally fine to take up a lighter yoke rather than to give up altogether. You're strong, and you can do amazing things for sure, just know that even Beyonce has limits.



At the beginning of every journey, you need to recognize that you will face hardships. You may ache, or even cry at times, but that's absolutely no reason to give up. At the end of the day, it's not about whether you fell or not, it's about getting back up, dusting yourself off, and smiling even wider than before. Persistence beats perfection any day! 



I hope this has inspired you to grow and to find something you feel passionate about doing in 2018! Stand strong girl, I know you can do this!!!!!!





Darbie Angell

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