3 Things I am Loving Most in my Life

1. OMG life with my girls!!!!

This is going to sound CRAZY but I actually wanted to be a stay at home momma. Instead I have the best of both worlds! I LOVE LOVE LOVE taking my girls to meetings and watching them be asked questions at the conference table and watching them experience new cities and atmospheres. It is the greatest gift as a mom to see your daughters gaining their confidence before your eyes!

2. 2019!!!

I worked my booty off to set the company up last year to make a huge splash in retail. I was able to capture Kate Spades floor space in Macys and I can't wait to see how the customer responds! Kendra Scott partnership is going to be SO much fun I can't even stop smiling from ear to ear! 2019 is my year of restart from personal to business and I had to pay the piper with some hard times this past year to get here but it was worth it!

3. Our TV Show!!!!

We are going to be doing a TV show that focuses on Women Rising Up!! I mean as I take a big overview look at this path it has been one from hell to push through all the obstacles I had to face in Muslim Extremist countries to gain the approval to speak, to be a nobody in the design world and gaining coveted retail space to my personal life where my ex wanted me to stay at home. This show is about me lending my voice to other women in the world until they are strong enough to find their own and being they legs until they find their own!

R I S E up ladies Momma D has your back :-)




Darbie Angell

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