I Hit A Wall This Week...Ok...Not Literally...But See How I Get Out of a Funk!

Some days… you just need to change up the scenery and press restart! Today I was invited to take my conference calls elsewhere (ok they didn't really suggest I continue my calls...that was just my idea)...the Golf Course to be exact.  Why not!?  It is typically serene backdrop...quiet...what better way to unwind after a long few weeks...months of traveling.  I packed my extra chargers (2) and headed out.  After 3 calls there was a mutiny and I was told I was now ONLY going to be the driver!  Ok guys...I have important  cobranding launches and new factories being added.

BUT this isn't what I was supposed to be doing on my personal decision to reset.  SO after the 18th hole I headed to the Spa :)  YEP! I lost my phone somewhere in-between the hot stone massage and my pedicure!  

I recommend trying #4 but you might try a combo in addition to purchasing your favorite dinnerware pieces (enter code WeekendSale ;) this weekend! 


1. Volunteer
Giving back to others is a great way to take your mind off your problems. More often than not volunteering will lead you to realize your problems aren’t so big! 

2. Plan a Trip
Sometimes the thing that you need is a little me-time. Whether you’re planning a getaway to an exotic location, or a taking the time to explore the places around you, some relaxation is sure to bring you out of your slump.

3. Exercise
Can you say endorphins? Going for a run always helps me clear my head, and get some necessary alone time. This makes you feel so much better than eating cookies! (as much as I love cookies)

4. Give Yourself a day without To Do list
Take a day off. Really. Do it. Meet up with friends, eat some good food, or go see some beautiful scenery. Just leave your phone behind and get some rest. This could also lead you to see what you really enjoy. What do you like to do when you don’t have a to do list?

5. Be Adventurous for an entire day
Pick that thing you think you’ll never do off your bucket list and do it! 

Hope you take some time for yourself soon! How you do you de-stress?

Darbie Angell

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