What Does A Typical Day Look Like....Define Typical

The question I am most frequently asked is “How did you know how to start a company because I think I want to…” which is a whole other blog post we will have to create soon. The second is “What does a typical day look like?"

Honestly? No day is typical around here, and being able to adapt quickly is the thing that has allowed me to keep living my dream. The only guaranteed things in my day to day routine are waking up, eating, and going to bed. Oh, and working in bed- possibly in a town other than where I thought I would be laying down that night. With all the things that are thrown my way during the day I try to stick to my routine below even when traveling to ensure that each day runs smoothly. Read on to find out what a typical day looks like. Spoiler alert: it’s semi-crazy and there is a lot of phone time.

6:30am: I wake up at 6:30am M-F. Start my day by chugging a cup of warm lemon water while I start preparing my coffee. Not my favorite thing to wake up this early but put a cup of coffee in my hand and I am instantly the happiest morning person in the WORLD (Rebekah says this is true so it must be).  

6:45am: My daily check in with my factories as I start my 1st cup of coffee and a bowl of blueberries and strawberries in hand.  First is Bangladesh as it is nearing their evening and they are our primary supplier. Then Romania, Turkey, Portugal and Italy.  It’s important to not only check in on production but also to view new sample updates as we are nearing an important launch date.

7:30am: A very important ...2 cup of coffee is poured :)  I shower and get ready quickly. Whatever I can do in 30 minutes is my motto! 

8:00am: I try to cut myself off on the 2nd cup of coffee but sometimes I will pour a 3rd on my way out and I grab a banana...I am slightly superstitious and now I can't go into a meeting without having one.  I know crazy... Every day is different meaning we could be starting out our day in the office or an off site meeting but either way I do a call on the drive with my team to do an all-day sync.  I LOVE driving for this reason alone. 

9:00am: I leave strategy, creative thinking, preparing decks and planning for mornings when I am at my energetic best. Try not to get buried in day-to-day stuff or email until later in the afternoon. 

11:30am: I try to take 30 minutes before lunch to do a quick check in with each of our team members to make sure there aren't any white board sessions that need to take place. 

12:00pm: About 2 out of 5 days we have a lunch meeting that could be anything from a business woman's bible luncheon, collaborations or strategy meeting with many of our Austin CEO's that are killing it.  We do all of these as a team even if we are staying in to eat at the office. Typically we eat outside to soak up some much needed vitamin D. 

1:00pm: I usually have meetings scheduled with our retail teams around 1 so that we can hit both the east coast after their lunch and the west coast after they are getting in.  

2:00 – 4:30pm: I do more tactical things like looking at operational aspects of the business, answering emails and syncing with folks on everything from our sales and registry numbers, retail placement, growth in doors, collaborations, marketing. Yes, you do everything under the sun as a founder and I love it :)

4:30pm: This is when I take my first real break of the day. It normally starts with a piece of chocolate and on a really busy day I may have an iced coffee to push me through.  I head out for some fresh air for about 15 minutes to clear my mind and reset.  

5:30pm: I press pause unless there is a retailer or segment producer that needs our attention and I start making dinner. There have been many days that turn to nights and Rebekah has stayed by my side to help fight to stay on a segment or get into more doors doing conference calls that go back and forth in negotiations until 10:30pm.  Very rarely are things handed easily!  I love to cook though and taking care of my body is very important to me. My favorite go to is grilling salmon with a garlic truffle butter (LOVE butter...totally healthy) or making it a little fresher in the summer with some diced mangoes.  Unless of course it has been crazy day and then we like to explore new restaurants. 

7:30pm: Anything Active! From doing a run, walk but most importantly something outside to clear my mind.  I love my Rogue GHD machine and at least 3 nights I get my 25lb medicine ball and do reps.  Literally rips your abs out. Sounds is....BUT I love it!

11:00pm: I get into bed around this time but not to sleep. I use this time to check back in as the factories are all getting back into their days and if we don't have correspondence regularly we could lose a full day of production due to a simple question. I get back online for any emails that might need a Skype or Chat call with Bangladesh. Otherwise, I will just get back to emails to make sure there isn't anything that needs an immediate response. Most importantly to my heart is collaborating with other like minded companies on how we can make a difference in the Bangladeshi culture.  I make myself turn it all off no later than 12:30....ok sometimes 1am but it is hard when you are doing what you are passionate about.  I am also a night owl so that is working against me! 

So there’s a look into my day! Not always easy, but each day is an adventure. Tell us what your favorite ways to relax after a long day are!


Photo cred: The most talented photographer Bryan Gardner 

Darbie Angell

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