Back to School Lunch Ideas!!!

Back to School Means New Ideas for Back to School Lunches

Something that I love to do.... and don't always have time to do... Is make a cute lunch for my kiddos for school! My favorite thing about it is putting a little note that reminds them how much I love them, and inspiration for taking the day! Every single day my girls will come home telling me about how they saw my note and it makes my heart SO happy! :-)


But when I do find time to make my girls their lunches, I start to run out of ideas FAST!! My youngest can't stand having the same food twice, so I try to change it up pretty often with my girls... This also gets them to try new things more often!!


Here are some fun and new sandwich ideas that I will be trying with my girls this school year, and I will be trying myself too... They look DELICIOUS!!!




Almond butter with slivered almonds and dried cranberries- YUM!!



Whipped cream cheese and fresh blueberries- Fresh fruit is THE BEST!



The Laughing Cow light spreadable cheese with ham and grated carrot- One of my girls LOVES carrots so this one is PERFECT!



Blueberry cream cheese and strawberry slices- Healthy & DELICIOUS!


I love all of these ideas & also I love that you can change up all of them to what your kids enjoy!! I am so excited to see what my girls think of these fun sandwich ideas and I am also so excited to get to start making their lunches again... and adding that sweet note of course ;-)


I hope you and your kids enjoy these awesome sandwich ideas and I hope they spice up your normal routine!! :-)






Darbie Angell

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