Beach Packing List

It's finally here!!!



Y'all have no idea how much I have been looking forward to vacation this year. Oh MAN I am ready! 


Going to the beach and laying in the warm sand, listening to the waves, and holding some fruity drink is just THE BEST feeling ever. Words can't even describe it! 



But the worst thing is FORGETTING what to pack! Showing up to the beach without a towel is never fun -- Especially when you don't notice until you need one! Guilty! 

That's why I decided to put together a post on what to pack for the beach. That way, we can both be reassured that we're not getting ready for another catastrophe!

Here we go! 


1. Swimsuit (duh)

2. Towel (also duh, but surprisingly easy to forget)

3. Sunscreen!!!

4. Umbrella/Sunshade

5. Sport Equipment/Recreational Fun

6. Beach mats

7. Cooler

8. Hat/Sunglasses

9. Your second favorite sandals/flip flops (why second? It's the beach! Things WILL happen!!!)

10. Water

11. Snacks

12. Phone + Chargers

13. Car Keys + Safe bag to store them in

14. Some buddies

15. Favorite drinks over ice!



Okay, am I forgetting anything? Send me recommendations!


       XOXO - Darbie




Darbie Angell

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