Best Autumn Travel Destinations

Real talk? Fall is WAY underrated.


Think about it! We're all so busy with back-to-school season that we hardly take the time to celebrate it. By Thanksgiving, we're already humming Christmas tunes!!! OK in all honesty....My tree is already up as I write this lol

That's just NOT FAIR to Fall. It is SUCH a beautiful season! Filled with vibrant colors in the treetops the scatter across the chilly breezes... It's majestic!!!


Currently booking a trip to Germany this Autumn! It's such an amazing time of year there, and people come from across the world just to see it!


With all that on my mind, I am looking at different travel destinations that flourish in the Fall season. Just wanted to share my favorites with you!!


Munich, Germany


You guys, if you haven't heard of Oktoberfest, you need to look it up ASAP!!! It's a festival (actually held in September) for the sake of celebrating! That's my kind of festival ;) There's always LOTS of live music, good food, dancing, and of course German brewed beer! 



Portland, Maine

This place is a hidden gem y'all! It's an absolutely STUNNING little seaside town, flourishing with culture! It's a great place for hiking, whale watching, art loving, and of course... SEA FOOD! You can stuff your face with FRESH lobster. Uhh. YES!!!



Boulder, Colorado

Catch the first snowfalls of the year without getting caught in the rough storms! It starts in late October, alongside their Fall Festival, which is jam packed with local farmers, artists, and craft breweries! Not to mention, the views hiking are UNBELIEVABLY good!!!!



Bavaria, Germany

Also, did you know that Germany might actually be part of a fairy tale setting? Like seriously. This Bavarian castle is called Neuschwanstein (say that 5 times fast!) And this isn't the only one!!! There are COUNTLESS castles in these rolling hills in South Germany. I can only imagine how much more wonderful it would be in the chilly fall weather with the thick forests on fire with their autumn colors...



Prague, Czech Republic

OMG. This city lives off a wide river and is rooted in beautiful architecture! Combined with the trees turning and lighter crowds... It's basically perfect! OH, that and the vineyards and burcak, or their September sweet wine! YUMM!!!!




Oh man, doesn't this make you want to take off???? Wishing I was already there!!!



Darbie Angell

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