Best Romantic Comedies for Girl's Night!

Okay confession. I LOVE rom coms. They're just so easy to watch and they never get too complicated. After a long week, a bottle of wine and Netflix cures a surprising amount of physiological strain!!!

The only part about it that's remotely stressful is just finding a rom com that isn't too cheesy or something you've already seen ten times before. That's why I decided to share some of my favorites to help you to have a less stressful night! Break out the wine!


The Proposal




This one is HILARIOUS. Basically, Sandra Bullock plays a Canadian woman who needs to be married to stay in the US. She offers one of her workers his lifelong dream if... he marries her. She meets the family and gets caught up in many many fiascos with them. It's a great movie for a good laugh.



Pretty Woman



This one is a CLASSIC! Julia Roberts plays a street woman that gets hired by a millionaire to be his date and to show him around town. He revamps her wardrobe to make her into a lady of class. It's a perfect movie for transformation lovers :)


Love Actually


This is one of the sweetest movies you'll ever watch! A tangle of stories from new love, heartbreak, young love, and friendships is tied together, ending on Christmas day. I know some people think of it as a holiday movie, but I just can't get enough of it... Even in July! 


Under the Tuscan Sun


A great movie for post-heartbreak, Francis discovers her husband of many years has been cheating on her, so she runs away to Italy and impulsively buys an ENTIRE Italian Villa. This lady inspires me! She meets new people along the journey and tries to assemble a family of her own as she fixes up this fixer upper!


Bridget Jones' Diary


Okay, forget what I said about movies that are "too cheesy" for a moment. This movie is a mix of cute, funny, and romantic all in one. Bridget Jones finds herself wound up between two men, and struggles to find out what she wants. It's pretty cheesy, but that doesn't mean I can't love it still!!


Leap Year


If you love Ireland, you'll LOVE Leap Year. It's about a New York woman living a picture perfect life, and she gets engaged to her picture perfect boyfriend. They decide to get married on Leap Year in Ireland to keep up with family traditions. All was well until Anna finds herself stranded with an Irish stranger in the middle of the countryside. Their comical journeys show Anna's fun side and brings out the best and worst in both characters!



I hope that made your movie hunting less stressful! 


Cheers to a good movie night!

           XOXO - Darbie

Darbie Angell

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