Biggest Lesson Learned as an Entrepreneur

Biggest Lesson Learned as an Entrepreneur

Here we go.... This is one of the BIGGEST lessons I have learned thus far!! 



Crazy story...I’ve been seeking to find the right fit for my Chief of Operations for about a year now.  So that should tell you one thing… I refuse to settle… that is in business at least.  It isn’t that we haven’t had the most amazing names in retail come to say that they want to come on board and stand right beside me while we build this company. It just wasn’t the right muscle that I could stand by. WELL that is until I met my guy!  FOUND HIM and man is the perfect for this role!  He wasn’t looking for a position though.  He is the current COO for one of the largest companies in the world.  


WHY would he want to come stand beside me you ask??? Why wouldn’t he!  


So I literally decided in an hour one day that I should pack my bags and leave to go get him in Germany. Totally normal…WELL it is if you know what you want and you are confident in yourself enough to go get it. 

Ok confession… that confidence in my business life didn’t translate into my personal life though until recently.  It was a muscle that I had never flexed.  So much so that I never spoke up to say what I wanted because I was always afraid to be pushed down.  If you know me in business you would be stunned by that statement.  BUT it was so true.  




I’m a southern woman and we are pretty much conditioned from birth to fall in line, not to create waves and that taking the time to see what you are passionate about is a selfish act. I started traveling and realizing this wasn’t true in other parts of our country. If you look at what I am passionate about besides my girls and building a company you would see that my focus is on letting other women use my voice until they are strong enough to find their own around the world.  The funny thing is that I was finding my own voice in my personal life at the same time as I was letting them use mine in business. The stronger I became in business the harder it was to allow myself to be pushed down in my personal life.  


When I was in Germany talking to my new partner without even stating any of the above he asked me a question that stunned me.  He said how did you make it through finding your own voice. That must have been extremely difficult. WHEW…. YES it was but I hadn’t even really taken time to pause and think about that journey until he brought it up. I am beyond blessed to have friends that have beautiful hearts, strength and persistence that would stun most, and that they have the ability to be vulnerable so I can learn from them.  


It wasn’t the easiest transition. Trust me it was beyond difficult to say the least HOWEVER it was the best lesson and gift I could have ever given myself.  Never forget you are worth the time and have the ability to make the decisions on your own future.  Stand up and Rise to be the person you were meant to be!  After all we only have one go at this beautiful life! 



Darbie Angell

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