Birds of a Feather Collection

Birds of a Feather Collection, one that is so dear to my HEART!!

This collection is seriously one of the best because I worked SO hard on it and it means so much to me!! This is also one of the collections that was featured and is sold on QVC and so I wanted to share my details on how this collection came to life!!

All my life I loved watching finches gather together, it was always such a special memory that I have of when I was growing up. I have tried to share this amazing view with my girls any chance I can get... I would wake up as a child nice and early and look out my window and see the beautiful green trees on those misty mornings and those finches would be out and about flying from tree to tree.


I would try to imagine their life and the view that the birds have on life. It seemed so simple and pure, a life that is so enjoyable while they are singing the most soothing songs. 


This is one of the best memories that I will forever remember about when I was a young little girl, and I hope for my sweet girls to create memories like those. I will always remind my girls that you can dream of anything you want and that you can make it happen if you are determined!


Here are all of the product types we have in the Birds of a Feather Collection:


The 3 Piece Bakeware Set


16 PC Dinnerware Set


Set of 4 Mugs


Birds of a Feather Travel Mug


You can find all of these products on my website:


This collection means SO much to me and I always love seeing other people enjoy it too because every time a product is bought is impacting women's lives!!



Darbie Angell

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