Calla Lilly Centerpiece Ft. King Florist



So Calla Lillies are one of my (many) favorite flowers, and the FABULOUS Benoit from King Florist showed me how to make this KILLER arrangement in one of my newest vessels! I wanted to share how we made these so that you can decorate your table with this beauty too! 

I honestly couldn't take it off my table! It was so gorgeous, that I left it there, thinking it would die in a day or so, and I could change out my centerpiece then... BUT it took TWO WEEKS for them to even START to wilt! Isn't that crazy?! 

Anyway, another special thanks to King Florist for making this amazing piece. Check out their website and Instagram feed for tons more ideas! 


First, Benoit started by cutting the Calla Lillies to their preferred length. For us, that was about 10" of stems. 


Next, we wrapped the ends with gold wire, making a spring around the base of each stem.



Lastly, Benoit bent the flower stems to fit them inside the vase, weaving them to rest on one another gracefully. 



And voila! It's done! Keep this on your table, show your friends, brag to your neighbors, invite your in-laws! It's easy, but beautiful! 



Try it out!


XOXO - Darbie

Darbie Angell

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