Celebrate the Little Things

Here at Darbie Angell, we like to CELEBRATE!! (Which was proved by my month long birthday...whoops!)

We celebrate everything - the big things and the little things - because acknowledging different accomplishments keeps us excited and thankful for where we are, how far we come, and all the celebrations still to come!


But sometimes it's hard to find things to celebrate. When life is getting really crazy and the stress is starting to set in, it is easy to get engulfed in the negative. That's why we have to CHOOSE to be thankful sometimes. We have to CHOOSE to see the good!

A book I read, One Thousand Gifts, really helped put all of this in perspective. Since then, I try to find things in every day to celebrate!


Here is my list of daily celebrations, and you should make your own!

1. My daughters

2. My Darbie Angell team

3. The women and men in our factory

4. The girls in our Safe House

5. The women who give their life to be House Mothers in our Safe House

6. Sunny days

7. The smell of coffee

8. The life of flowers

9. The beauty of colors

10. The gift of inspiration

11. The intricacy of design

12. The sound of laughter

13. The opportunity to travel the globe

14. Friends all over the world that encourage me

15. Friends I can encourage

16. Mentors who pour into me

17. The spontaneity of creativity

18. Beautiful memories

19. The ability to speak up and help give a voice to others

20. DREAMS for the future


Take time today to think about all there is to celebrate in your life and be thankful for those sweet successes!!



Darbie Angell

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