Darbie Angell's Story


I decided I wanted to start a company by combining my Passion to Impact the World with my Knowledge in Design. Since then it has been an amazing journey of Living Boldly, Pushing Myself through obstacles and Passionately working to make an Impact in the World. It’s hard to narrow down just one thing that inspires me to keep going. As a mother of two girls, my first priority is showing them they can do anything they dream of and to always be Passionate about what they are doing in life. I have been pushed down a hundred times, and I have gotten up 101 times!


I surround myself with “A” level people. I am a strong believer in mentor/mentee relationships. I have had extraordinary mentors, including Linda Glass, head of Starbucks Global Talent and Product Development; and Kendra Scott, the incredibly accomplished jewelry designer that has grown her company to be a powerful player in the jewelry world. I also mentor other women who are just starting to build their business. I tell them to “recognize that it is their dream, not anyone’s else’s, and you cannot expect anyone else to be as excited as you are as you build your dreams” You must face every obstacle as ‘I will get through this and it will only make me stronger’, but never lose site of the goal. I want to be a role model for my daughters, and show them a strong woman who is taking charge of her life and making an impact on the world!


I have been inspired by the book Onward by Howard Schultz. In the book he speaks of failure, and how he kept getting back up. Howard has taught me how to be “magical” and that is what I have mimicked throughout my career. Just bring something different to the table and doing it with passion.


My Soul was impacted and rewritten the first time I went to Bangladesh. We had an amazing trip, and not only found our new factory, but I also found an amazing country that I fell in love with. I am driven by my desire to positively impact the lives of the people that I have met. Additionally, my interactions with People I have met traveling the World are what have inspired me to give back. I don’t go a single day without thinking about the life changing sites I have seen. While some are as basic as battling for Clean Water and Electricity, others were battling Cancer, and it drives me to go the extra mile to not only make Luxurious pieces, but to promote Change.

My Brand Promise is:
1. Affordable Luxury
2. Excite the Customer
3. Honor our promise
4. Never, Ever Give Up!
5. Give Back to Others in Need



Thank you for being a part of my story

      XOXO - Darbie

Darbie Angell

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