Entertaining guests is NOT a dying art!!!

SOOO many people ask me why I chose dinnerware if eating around a table is a "dying art...." 


Uh. No.


People have been gathering around the table to eat since the beginning of time. No amount of busy schedules or social media is ever going to change that. And besides, half of tablescaping revolves around delicious foods!!! Who DOESN'T want a yummy meal???



So is entertaining relevant they ask?

Absolutely!!! So many hobbies and niches in our culture are fueled by photo-based social media like Pinterest and Instagram, which is why it's SOOO important to create a beautiful table.

Women are being inspired by these stunning setups to bring these tablescapes into their own homes and to continue a tradition that's been around since people first came together over a table.

People say that dining together is dying, but let's be real... That's been around since the beginning of time. It isn't going anywhere! Tablescaping is adjusting to the modern woman who wants to cater to her guests and her followers!




A quick search through pinterest or instagram hashtags will prove to you in seconds that tablescaping is actually the opposite of dead! There are simply too many beautiful tables out there carrying on a tradition that has lasted through MANY generations. 


Such a beautiful art isn't going away anytime soon. And we are SO glad for that because we'd for sure be missing our macaroons and coffee!!!



Darbie Angell

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