A Glimpse into a Day with Martha at the Office

Sitting here in the lobby of Martha Stewart’s gorgeous white washed office that overlooks the Hudson in NYC.  I can’t believe that I have been blessed to work with the most amazing team for the past 9 years!  It was Martha after all that inspired me as a child to work to evolve creatively!

While she inspires the way I entertain I am probably most inspired with the empire she has created and her strength on how she evolved into the most creative and in touch with her team ceo that I have ever seen! Has she failed?  Yes.  But she rises even stronger afterwards.  That is a true leader to follow.  

Here is a little insider info: If you see a Martha product, magazine, book or TV show that IS actually her.  Her passion, her eyes and her hand is in each piece on EVERY page.  I know this may be surprising and a total let down  as most people are probably hoping she can't do it all but most things you see today with a celebrity name are just that…its just their name.  Not Martha!  It is refreshing to me because so many say you are getting too large to oversee the sourcing, the design the sales of your company…my answer Martha does it and so can I.  That normally creates silence  Thanks Martha!

As I walk through the office I pass the boardroom that is stunning!  Martha is at the head of the table.  She is wearing a denim shirt and khaki shorts today.  She looks like she just stepped out of her own magazine where she was clipping tulips.  But this is a different day.  The conference table is lined with men on each side. If you could imagine what the perfect NY businessman would be wearing imagine that and then make it one step better.  She has their attention which is not surprising as I am sure she can capture any room.  To see a woman follow her dreams and to get a glimpse into what it actually took to make those dreams a reality is a gift.

You see the path to success is never about attaining incredible wealth or celebrity. It is about the process of continually seeking to be better, challenging yourself to pursue excellence on every level and I see that in her.

Seeing her make the process her goal first and then her dreams followed. Not saying that your process will necessarily lead you to wealth or fame—in fact, your dream may have nothing to do with tangible prosperity, and everything to do with creating a life filled with joy and no regrets!  

Thank you Martha!  You created more than an empire.  You gave others confidence to live their dreams out as well! I encourage you to let those around you know if they inspire you.  NO matter who they are they deserve to know They may need the boost!

Xoxo Darbie Angell

Darbie Angell

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