Fell In Love In the Desert :-) AHHHHHHHHH

OK camels...I mean...really are they not the cutest animal?!?  As a matter of fact if I could get away with one being a emotional support animal that I could take everywhere I would totally buy one on my next stop to Qatar!  


ANYWAYS...dream aside of a camel sitting next to me on a plane...


We had made plans to go surfing down sand dunes and someone that was with us saw some camels and asked if we had ever ridden one.  #1 You should always have someone with you that suggests things like camel rides in the desert! I hadn't and he said well today you will.  SO thankful he did because I mean how fun was that!?! 


Totally recommended and in fact I would plan a whole vacation around taking a journey out into the desert and riding one of the most adorable animals ever :-) 


Why not ?!? 


xoxo- Darbie

Darbie Angell

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