Floral Cheese Board- Say Whaaaat?!

Probably the Prettiest Cheese Board I have EVER seen... (and it has flowers)!!

Yes... You read that title right... A cheese board with FLOWERS! 


Just when I thought Fashionable Hostess had any and every idea possible on her website... I found THIS IDEA!!! She is awesome y'all... Her name is Amanda and I love her so much!!


This is a simple cheese board, that doesn't take hours to try to prep but the floral arrangement makes this cheese board TO DIE FOR!! 


I mean look at it...



Date night? Girls night? Movie night? YES PLEASE. 


This totally changes the scene of your party and adds the most beautiful touch that you just won't believe is real!!


Not only are these flowers stunning with the cheese board, but Amanda mentioned in her blog about this, that you could even add this floral touch to desert or a breakfast brunch!




I think it is the perfect idea to add detail to any simple party idea! Love it!!




Darbie Angell

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