Fourth of July Tablescapes

Happy Independence Day! 

Throughout all my travels, I have seen the beauty of cultures and countries all over the world. Each country radiates its own unique beauty that I absolutely love. That being said, there is nothing like the comfort of home, sweet home. ⁠⁠

Here are some of my favorite tablescapes that you can use as inspiration for your Fourth of July!

Our first tablescape is by @ourfigtreecottage on Instagram incorporating our Watercolor set.

It perfectly splashes in blue tones along with the neutral tones of the table. 



Our favorite farmhouse spread! Liz Marie displayed perfectly a take on red and blue but also keeping the simplicity of it. 

It can be replicated with white plates and bowls, pairing it with a bowl of fresh red fruits and a blue towel.


Our last favorite tablescape is from Preppy Hostess coming through with a classic Red White and Blue theme.

To fully go with the theme star spangled banner table clothes are the way to go!

And to use them year after year, it gives you a bang for your buck.

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On Independence Day I am reminded of how grateful I am for the sacrifices people all across the country have made to give me the freedom to run my own business and allow me a platform to try to empower others. Today I am reminded how much those people have empowered me. ⁠~⁠I hope you and your family have a wonderful, fun, and safe Fourth of July!⁠

Darbie Angell

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