Friday Moodboard: Fourth of July Inspiration

The 4th is HERE! This is one of my favorite holidays- less pressure than big holiday with sunshine and good friends added in! Doesn't get better! Here are some of my favorite things for the weekend.

I love WATERMELON!  So many memories sitting on the boat dock laughing and enjoying this refreshing fruit.  A quick way to display watermelon is to get a cookie cutter in the shape of a star and gently press into thinly cut slices.  Mix in some Blueberries for some contrast and it makes a gorgeous statement!

A good margarita is a staple for any outdoor party in the south!

We love that Rey Swimwear focuses on ethically sourcing their swimwear and not only that they are classy!  Check out our favorites here!

I love Soludos slippers and sandals!  My favorite pair right now! 
How do you like to spend the 4th? I'm hoping for a weekend next to the water!
XOXO -Darbie
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