Gifts for your "I Do" Crew

Hey! So by the time you're ready to walk down the aisle, you and your bridesmaids have been through SO MUCH together. They've been your therapist, your confidante, and most of all, your friend. 

After going through all of that, you want to give them something that truly shows them how much you appreciate them! You want something personal and sweet, and something that they can really use too! 

Sooooo here's a guide to help you to find just the right thing for your "I Do" Crew! :)


Give from the Heart!

These girls will probably take a bullet for you. Without them, you might actually go insane, so that's why it's so important to give thanks with something that really speaks to them. If you have any inside jokes with them, add on a little silly trinket or memorabilia for them. If it makes you smile thinking about it, chances are, it will make them smile too. 


Audrey Love Wedding Totes, $6.25


Elise Rose Gold Pendant Necklace, $65




Gift Inspiration

Each wedding will have its own theme, personality, and lifestyle, so there's really no one way to choose gifts for your gals! Typically speaking though, bridesmaids gifts should be well thought out, usable, and meaningful. Monogrammed gifts are great for any bridesmaid, and things you'd normally see are jewelry, tote bags, home decor, and more! There's no wrong way to give!


Teapot - Black Pearl Collection, $52




Pricing for your Gifts

I've seen great gifts from $20 to over $100 per bridesmaid! Definitely make a budget for your gifts, but again, it shouldn't be about the price, it should be about the meaning behind the gift and your appreciation for all of their hard work to make you and your hubby-to-be's day special. 


Vintage Tie-The-Knot Hair ties, $3.75


Tiffany & Co. Monogrammed Necklace, $125


Finding the Time and Place

You'll be spending tons of time with these lovely ladies, and of course you'll want to wait and give them the gifts towards the end of the journey once you've gotten more time to bond with them, and you can properly say your thank you's. Of course you won't want to give them out at the Bachelorette party where there will be guests aside from your bridesmaids, and you don't want to fuss about tracking down each individual girl either! Some of the best occasions to give your gifts are at the rehearsal dinner, maybe an extra dinner party for just you and the girls before the Big Day comes, or in the dressing rooms while you get dolled up for the real deal! 

I personally think its best to give your gifts in the dressing room, because you can make some rocking setups to give out your gifts and get everyone excited about it! For an example, I've seen mobile clothes racks with floral robes for each lovely lady on special monogrammed hangers with little gift bags underneath. It's just too cute! 


Personalized Bridesmaids Hangers, $10

And Last but not Least!

What really ties the whole thing together is a sweet hand-written note from the heart. Maybe the gift won't last forever, but your words will echo in their minds till the end of time. Leave each one of your bridesmaids a note special to her expressing how much she means to you and how thankful you are for all she's done. The best things in life are free :)



Darbie Angell

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