Girl’s Night In Must-Haves


So I'm getting ready to host a Girl's Night In, and I am CONVINCED that there is a formula for success when it comes to these things!




There's a few things that you just can't go without, and if you have all of them, plus a handful of friends, you're bound to have a fantastic night!

Here's my recipe for success!


  1. Fruity Cocktails!

This is a bit of a no-brainer, but it's true! I can't finish this post without including something on the matter. Also, if you're feeling like your cocktail can use a little something extra, slice up a strawberry and infuse away! It's like instant class.



  1. Fresh Fruit

This goes along with the first essential, except you also need to make sure you have plain fruit for eating! This complements almost any other appetizer, and if you can manage a balance of sweetness and saltiness, then you're already ahead of your game.

  1. FLOWERS!!!

If you've been reading my blog, you'll find out very quickly that I am OBSESSED with flowers. And for good reason too! They look good EVERYWHERE! Unless you have your heart set on a certain centerpiece, jump onboard the flower train (it's fantastic!!!)



  1. Something sweet

No matter how many times we say that we are "on a diet," nobody ever seems to be able to turn down at least one cheesecake bite! It doesn't even have to be a dessert. You can have something sweet to munch on before the big meal! And don't worry. It's okay to have dessert first every once in awhile :)



So those are all my secrets! I hope you enjoy your Girl's Night!



Darbie Angell

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