Healthy Meal Prep for a Trip to the Beach...With Kids!!!

The beach is my happy place...In fact, my girls and I just took the most WONDERFUL trip to Watercolor, Florida for some much needed fun in the sun!!

But, when you're hanging by the ocean all day, it can be hard to plan yummy but healthy meals that everyone will enjoy, and - let's be honest - that won't get sand everywhere!!!

So here are my go-to picnic items for a day at the beach with my little girlie girls!!!



1. Wraps

I tend to opt for wraps over regular sandwiches when packing lunch for a day at the beach. Being from Texas, I naturally gravitate toward a yummy tortilla. But more importantly, when the fillings are tucked away on the inside, they're better protected!! Plus, I always pack an extra lettuce wraps for myself! Well... only when I'm trying to be a healthy momma.

2. Fruit - whole for the most part

Fruit makes for a great snack at the beach - it's light, refreshing, and tasty! What more could you want?! But every time I bring cut fruit to the beach, half of it always ends up in the sand. So, I've decided that whole fruit it is!! My go-to's are peaches, grapes, and large slices of apple (pre cut!).

If you do decide to pre-cut your fruit, put it in a baggie or container with a few drops of lemon juice to keep it from browning.

3. Skewers

Now, I know this might sound strange, but I promise skewers are the way to go! First of all, food on skewers is always more fun! Second, whether you load it up with fruit, veggies, or meat, kabobs make great beach fare. It's a hands-off (and hopefully sand-free!) meal that's easy to eat and DELICIOUS!!

4.  Trailmix

This is a snack staple in our house, but it also makes for a great beach snack that you can take with you! And if you pick out all the individual ingredients beforehand, it's such a fun activity to do with the kids. Just throw your favorite mix of nuts, pretzels, and dried fruit into a baggie for a make-your-own trailmix extravaganza. 

5. Healthy Sugar Cookies

Everyone loves a good dessert, but let's be real for a minute...No mom wants to clean up melted chocolate at the beach. So, to satisfy the sweet tooth, I like to bring the ultimate health sugar cookies from Amy's Healthy Baking! They taste delicious and are healthy (mostly) without the messiness of chocolate!




Darbie Angell

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