3 Traits that make You (basically) invincible!!!

We live in a WILD world. 

Today, we have the freedom to create, to build, and to make a name for ourselves. ANYONE can start their own business, and EVERYONE has that capability!


Really, how blessed are we???


The opportunity is there, but how do we take up the reigns and make a sustaining, thriving business out of it? Can just anyone work their way to success??




Words cannot express how true this is!!! When I realized I wanted to start my business, I zero contacts in the industry, no technical design skills, and I was LITERALLY on a hospital bed. 

If I can build an empire from that, I'm pretty sure ANYTHING is possible. 


But this is about you. How do you make your business thrive? 


The way I see it, there are three things you need to make anything last. If you can master these things, you're basically invisible. 






Passion, passion, PASSION! 

If you're not head over heels in love with what you do, your vision, or your everyday life... What's the use? 

Your motivation is what will pull you out of your low points. Through your journey, you will encounter failure. Some small, some overwhelming. You may even think you're going to lose your business at times, but remember what got you started, and really treasure those moments when you found success. That's what will keep you going.

Also, real talk. Running a business is hard as HECK. Why would you waste that much time and energy on something that doesn't thrill you?



So. I've been pushing for something that's going to be a total game changer for my business. EEEKKK! I can't tell you what it is yet, but I promise you'll be the first to know soon!!!!

This endeavor has been going on for nearly a year just to get my foot in the door. After cancelling, rescheduling, and a number of different obstacles, my team and I persisted. We didn't get impatient with the circumstances, and more importantly, we never gave up. 

Things will happen. 

Even with the most amazing businesses, things will change. The unexpected is bound to happen. 

But that's no reason to throw in the rag! Rather than getting bogged down with discouragement, we accept the things we cannot change and move on. Rebekah schedules a date to try again on our calendar, and we keep on keeping on! 

That's what it is ALL ABOUT.


You've got a dream, and you've got the ability. It might take a little more patience than expected, but in time you can make A N Y T H I N G happen. Just keep on trying!!




The Ability to take Your Emotions Out of it

Whewww.... This one is going to make you think that we are totally insane. 


Know that your business may feel like your whole life... but it isn't yourself entirely.

Yes, you're burning with a fiery passion for what you do, and you'd probably die for your cause... but not everyone is going to be able to see that unfortunately. 


When people tell you no, accept that they don't see the whole picture. And that's okay. It's not meant to be offensive, it's just their perspective at that time and place. 

Maybe, people will completely shut you down. Even then, there's no reason to waste your time or energy sitting on anger. You are better than that, and so is your company. 


Of course we still have emotions. If you can cultivate your mind to say "That was a doozy" then dust yourself off and keep on going, that's what will truly push your forward. The entrepreneur who can fall and pick them self back up is the entrepreneur who is going to make it. 

Needless to say, it's hard to do that. The first time is always the most conflicting, but once you open yourself up to that strong position, the rest is MUCH easier. 


I know it's crazy, but you can do it. You can master ALL of these traits. You have the potential to MOVE MOUNTAINS. 

If only you spread your wings and T-R-Y, you'll learn how far you can fly. 


You've got this!!!!!!


XOXO - Darbie





Darbie Angell

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