How to Choose the Perfect Wedding Gift

How to Choose the Perfect Wedding Gift

Wedding season is upon us and if you're like me, there are quite a few weddings to attend in the next couple of months!  This time can get busy and you want to choose a thoughtful gift for a long time friend, or family member. No pressure.....
I know, and I've been there. SO, I created a list of items that can be great gifts for the newlyweds. 
Many newlyweds start off their marriage moving into a new home together, and nice dinnerware is something not many think they need. The Foglia dinnerware and Darbie Rose bakeware are great starters to use for guests and even nights in with each other. 
The hydration bottle and travel mug are perfect for those who love to travel! The hydration bottle is the same size as Swell bottles but not as expensive and they keep liquid cool and hot for 12 hours! The travel mug is super cute and seals tight to avoid spilling. 


Lastly, are board games! Board games are always welcome in my household, and I LOVE learning new ones to play with my friends and my girls. I was just introduced to these two and absolutely had a ball playing them. 
First is Scattagories, a game of quick thinking and creativity with words. Scattagories makes you think on your feet and the person with the highest point wins.
The second is Quelf, a game that is so hilarious you'll cry laughing, constantly unpredictable, and fun for all ages.

 I hope this helps you pick the best wedding gift for the newlyweds! I always think adding your own spin to a gift makes it thoughtful and personal. If you've seen Wedding Crashers you know you don't want to be the person to have one of those gifts Owen Wilson can guess without even looking at it. 



Darbie Angell

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