How to get organized NOW!

It's August already! Where did the time go?

Most of us will be preparing for back-to-school season soon, shopping for new school supplies, setting family goals for the new school year, and frantically cramming in a last minute vacation. Parents everywhere are excited to have their homes back (and clean!) again. 

Many of us treat the start of school like New Year's because it is a fresh start! Why shouldn't we? It's healthy to set new goals and get cleaned up again. I LOVE the feeling of being organized and neat. It keeps my entire life organized so I never miss a cue! 

So how does a lady balance kids, life, and her own business? That's what I want to share with you now! Here are my tips and tricks for keeping (and MAINTAINING) organization in my life. 


Keep your Planner at Hand ALWAYS.

I know it's a little tedious to keep track of, but it really does help. If I tell myself, "I'll write it down later," it almost NEVER happens until someone asks me about it again. The ease of access to your planner is key to making yourself actually write in it! I love purses that have pockets just big enough for my planner because I can keep it in one place all the time. If this is hard to find, check out mini notebooks by May Designs! 



Schedule your Google Calendar down to the minute!


If I ever won an Emmy, I would give a speech thanking my family and my team, then thank Google for making Google Calendars. It saves my life every day! Really! Any time I need to touch base with someone, schedule phone calls, or I need to remind myself to check on something, I schedule it on my Google Calendar and it can send me reminders, and keep all my tasks and meetings in order for me! I check each day the night before so I know what to look forward to, and every Sunday night I check the whole week so I know how to prepare for each day. It changes lives! 



Make a Family Command Center

Okay, aside from the giddy feeling that you get from feeling like a total boss mom, you'll also have a clear, visual representation of everything going on in the family. Every swim meet, gymnastics practice, church picnic, and business trip remains unignored in a place where everyone can see. This avoids a lot of confusion and possibilities for miscommunication later on. Keep it stocked up with sticky notes, pens, doctor's notes, and anything else you might need in a jiffy. I like to keep little pieces of stationery to write "Good luck" notes to my girls before a big day, just to give them that little boost they need. Additionally, having a central family command center teaches your kids time management, and makes a great example for their own organization. Thought they might not enjoy seeing "CHORE DAY," now, they'll appreciate understanding time management later on. 





Keep a Routine! 

There are SO MANY little things we have to do every day. Before 7 AM, I have to get the girls up, get breakfast on the table,get my kids dressed, get myself dressed, pack up a bag for the office, pack up my girl's lunches, tend to the well being of my family, get the kids off to school, sometimes make another phone call, make sure I have time to eat (hah), and much much more. It's bizarre! Get into a constant routine, because then it makes these little things a habit, and if you maintain these habits in a specific order, then you're less likely to forget things. They say it takes 21 tries to make a new habit, so start out the "new year" right, and stick to your routine like your life depends on it. That will make things super easy in the future. 



Make Lists!

I cannot stress this enough! Lists make things happen! Instead of thinking to yourself "I need to do this" and never coming back to the thought is so frustrating. I like to use blank pages in my planner to make lists of things I need to do:

1. Today

2. Within the next week

3. "Eventually" ... which I can either do once I finish my daily list, or I will incorporate into my list in the future. 

Lists are great ways to prioritize your tasks, and to realistically plan how much you can get done in a day. The best part is that you can check it off and look at a day well spent when you're brushing your teeth. 



Now that you know all my secrets, go out and kick this new school year's butt! You've got this! 


      XOXO - Darbie


Darbie Angell

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