How to Stay Consistent on your 2019 Goals!!

Keep your 2019 Goals Consistent this Year!!

So I am right there with you in making those 2019 goals for this upcoming year and trying to make myself stay consistent with them with some new techniques... 

I am always good at being intentional with my goals for a good month or so but after that the busyness of the year kicks in and its like they fly right out of my mind!! I have been researching some ideas on how to make sure that this years goals do not get out of my radar!!!


I am going to share with y'all a few of the tips that I have found that (fingers crossed) are going to help me stick to it this year!!




1. Be Realistic... create goals that are challenging but attainable. If you are setting the bar too high it makes it too easy to give up because of the extra work that you might have to put in to make this goal even somewhat attainable. This is a big one that I need to make sure of this year. 

2. Plan Ahead... YES. This is something that I have been working on the past few weeks!! After I have made my goals I have tried to begin to plan a way that I am going to achieve them!! This is hard and takes time but I promise it is helpful because I am already feeling better about my goals!! 

3. Track your progress... This seems like a given, but we all know that this is one of the hardest things to do. It is so easy to get caught up in the busyness or the days that you forget to see how you are doing within your goals and how far you have to go! This is something can be be SO rewarding... which falls into my next tip!!!

4. REWARD YOURSELF... This can come in many different ways!! Maybe not by having a piece of cake if you're on that diet because lets be real that is for sure most of our goals!! But maybe buy something you've had on your wish list, go take a fun trip, do something you've been dying to do but haven't made the time for!! Rewarding yourself can definitely keep you motivated to keep going on your goals!!

5. Keep trying!!! This is my last tip and probably most important!! DO NOT GIVE UP!!!! We can all achieve the goals that we have set we just must keep trying!! Let's be real... the first week is easy because you feel like you've got all the motivation in the world but that 2nd week, 2nd month is HARD... but keeping pushing and keep trying to stay consistent and you will see those results that you are trying SO HARD for!!


These are the tips that I will be using this 2019 so that I do not fall through on my goals!! Being consistent is one of the hardest parts about the whole New Years Resolution thing so KEEP TRYING and DON'T GIVE UP because WE CAN DO THIS!!!!


Share with me below some of your New Years Goals or Resolutions!! Maybe I can add some of y'alls to my list too!!


We are ready for you 2019!!!!!


Darbie Angell

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