Howdy Y’all!

Since today is Texas Independence Day I thought why not gush about my favorite state ever!! What better way to appreciate our independence then to talk about what makes Texas so special!! Here are just a few of my favorite things about the state that has such a special place in my heart!!

First off, margaritas!!! (Obviously)

As I’m sure you’ve heard, everything is bigger in Texas- and don’t you worry that includes Margs! Here in Texas, we take our Margaritas seriously- whether its frozen or on the rocks, strawberry or mango, trust me they will be delicious and huge!!!

Next up, our beloved Blue Bell!!! This tasty ice cream is a staple in Texas and you can’t go over to someone’s house for dinner without being offered some yummy Cookies and Cream or Rocky Road ice cream!! But me, I’m a mint chocolate chip girl; I practically grew up on it!! (Jk jk but I did sneak it any chance I got as a kid)


What’s that you ask?? Just the cutest, maybe weirdest tradition we have!! In high school, it is tradition for a boy to get his date to Homecoming a mum. And once again, our coined phrase “everything is bigger in Texas!” applies to this tradition as well. Let me tell you- these mums can be so big they touch the floor!! Good luck walking around the halls without tripping ladies!! Take a look at this crazy one!!

Last but definitely not least, TEX MEX!! I mean come on, we obviously take it seriously if we created a name for this Texan tradition (more like obsession!!). Something I could not live without is queso!!! I know some of you make think “Wow I don’t understand why Texans are so obsessed with melted cheese” and to that I say come to texas, you won’t regret it!! Down here in good ole Texas, we consider Tex Mex and queso an art! Pair that up with my delicious mango margarita, and I’m the happiest girl in the world!!

So, have you booked your flight to Texas yet?? Can’t wait to see y’all ;)

Xoxo - Darbie

Darbie Angell

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