It's Market Week!!


Market week...


My insta stories are FLOODED with snippets of this whole market week thing and a lot of people have been asking what it's all about.

Basically twice a year, we ship boat loads of our fine china (eek!) to New York and set up a showroom to present all our newness and classics to buyers from some of your favorite stores! 


That being said, it is a LOT of work going on behind the scenes. There are meetings going on in the back room basically 12 hours of the day, dozens upon dozens of guests coming in to see what we've got, and ALWAYS hot coffee ready to go! 


Just wanted to give you a glimpse of some of the crazy things that go on during market week each year :-) Here we go!!!



Things that WILL happen during market week!

1. Everyone gets a chance to sample my favorite cocktail recipe!

2. The second our guests leave, we all kick off our heels and sit on the floor... LOL!!!

3. LOTS of selfies with all the new people I meet and friends that go WAAAAAY back :-)




4. Filling the showroom with so many flowers that the room begins to reek of peonies  after two days... LOL



5. Going through 10 pounds of coffee grounds... at minimum...

6. Tons of cute outfits! And yes, on Wednesdays we wear pink ;-)



7. Going through two boxes of band aids because we're in heels from 8 am - 10 pm

8. FLOWER CROWNS!!!! Crowns by Christy makes these STUNNING real flower crowns for everyone who comes and their daughters. They give them out in these beautiful little hat boxes. I think I still have 3 of them in my closet from last market week!! 



9. Accidental designing... So sometimes while I am on the floor, my head is just SO involved in my designs that I start coming up with new ideas. I start writing them down and sketching during lunch breaks because I just can't stop!!!

10. LOTS of BIG PLANS!!!! Even though it is by far the tiring time of the year, we push through and we are fueled by the great plans we're making with SO many incredible buyers. Can't wait for another great week!!!!




Darbie Angell

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