It's Woman Crush Wednesday people!!

It's Woman Crush Wednesday guys and I cant wait to introduce you to the AMZN Mindy Grossman! 

I met Mindy about a year ago and I have to tell you she is one of the strongest women I will probably ever meet! 

I am beyond blessed to be surrounded by women that pull each other up and push each other forward. You will be so surprised who is willing to come to answer your call if you are bold enough to stand up and ask. She had sent me the most amazing note and I feel blessed to be on the receiving end... “We must support each other. I proactively look for opportunities to mentor and support the next generation of talent. Be visible and share our experiences honestly and openly.”

To give you a few more pointers from Mindy that she says are what has led her to success:

Be Appreciative
Work Hard and People Will Notice
Focus on Possibility, Not Fear (YES)
Show Your Commitment
There is No 50/50 Balance


XOXO Darbie

Darbie Angell

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