Meet the Crew: Ashlyn

What do you bring to the Table at CRU?
As the Creative Director at CRU, I’ve worked alongside Bridget to plan photoshoots for product, and create marketing strategies. My other big project has been planning and launching this blog! So thanks for reading, it means a lot! Darbie’s journey has been such an inspiration to me, and I hope the blog has been able to convey that story to you!
Favorite parts of work?
We’ve met so many incredible people in Austin (many of which you’ll see in our videos!) Austin is such a creative and fun place, and being a part of that hustle has been so motivating.
What is one word that describes you 
Nerdy- if I like something, I go all out. No shame. My current obsessions are cacti and doughnuts.
What is your go to item in your closet
Sundresses- besides being affordable, they dress up or down so easily! I wear them with a chambray top and sneakers for a more casual look, but with sandals and bold jewelry it can look dressy as well. 

Darbie Angell

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