Meet my Crew: ME!

What do you bring to the Table at CRU? I had to say it!
As the CEO and Founder of CRU I bring grit and passion to the table and also responsible for developing and implementing high-level strategies, making major corporate decisions and managing the overall operations. I loved coming in as an outsider in the industry because it gave me an advantage: I was (and still am) able to objectively look at a problem and see a clear solution. When I set out to launch my own line, I was unencumbered by being inside the industry. I was able to look at it in a more simplistic way, and figure out how I was going to create a line that would stand out and fill a niche that was missing.  Everyday at CRU is different and being able to adapt is key in my role.  I have so much passion for creating designs, sourcing and procurement, negotiations with our factories and getting to work closely with our buyers.

What are your favorite parts of work?
There are so many things! Even the "struggles" because I know it is about to make me stronger and sharper as a CEO when we conquer them and that is something that can't be taught or bought. I am living my dream and feel so blessed!

It would never even be a possibility though without our team.  They are AHHHmazn in every way!  I met Evan 2 years ago and to have his knowledge in business has not only pushed me and sharpened me as a CEO but has also given me one of the best friends I could have ever asked for.  Not saying that there aren't disagreements but having someone that has believed in me, pushes me forward and is completely transparent is amazing!!!  I was with his parents a few weeks ago and they were so proud of me that they even insisted on bringing the lawn guy over to make sure he met me!  Being surrounded by people that aren't in my immediate family that are so proud is an amazing feeling and I am blessed to experience that.  Speaking of his family...Aunt Judi and I met at the lake one afternoon and after telling her my journey...which is much like the journey of Will Farrell in Elf...she was so inspired that she came on not only as an investor but also as a strong Christian mentor as well. To have both Judi and Evan to pray and grow with is such an amazing experience that I can't even express fully what a blessing it is to be able to take a journey like this with them.

Rebekah is our Director or Operations and my wing woman. I LOVE getting to work elbow to elbow with her everyday because she is filled with passion and tenacity and we push each other forward.  There aren't many people that saw the initial cards we were dealt...and there aren't many people that would have the strength to not only stay and believe we could turn it into a winning hand.  I am constantly blessed by her and her heart!  Thankfully I got her to a sign a contract today that said she won't retire till we are 90 :)

What is one word that describes you?
Rebelious...because I have 2 words. Passionate and adventurous :)

What is your go to item in your closet?
Classic pencil skirt!  I can throw a simple white tank on or dress it up with a blouse and be ready in 5 minutes for a day of meetings.
Stay tuned to meet the rest of the team!
XOXO -Darbie

Darbie Angell

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