Monday Thoughts from Darbie

Hey! Hope you had a great weekend! Lately I find myself pausing to take in moments that I am living in and reflect and remember what it took to get CRU where it is, and with myself as an entrepreneur and CEO. Whether it is sitting on a rooftop in NYC strategizing with entrepreneurs or traveling abroad to meet with factories around the world the following never changes:

Success is measured in lives you impact, not dollars.  Sometimes people are confused about why I have given the amount of time and effort and fought to get to where I am with CRU.  Many people can't understand this, but when you work for your passion the dollars will follow. My work never has never been and never will be about achieving a certain dollar amount in my account.  My passion and drive comes from the ability to impact the lives of those that don't currently have a voice in our world. There is an abundance of people who live in poverty, illness, and hopelessness. I believe that my abilities are best used when I give those individuals recognition and hope. I'm striving to do that through the talents that God blessed me with, and strive to sharpen my gifts rather than wasting them :)

Tell us about your personal journey of following your dreams! Comment below! 

XOXO -Darbie

Darbie Angell

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