My Anti Bucket List :)

It seems like everyone has a bucket list these days – I suggest #1 you just go do the things instead of making the list.  No excuses just leave and experience them :) Sorry that is the free spirit girl talking. 
BUT you never hear anyone talking about what they Don't want to do before they die – an anti bucket list, if you will.  So I thought I would create something I would rather not do and actually go do the things that give me the good feels! 
1.  Hold a tarantula
2.  Shoot an animal
3.  Go on a crash diet
4.  Shave off my eyebrows
5.  Have a bee farm 
6.  Get a tattoo 
Yep...I will leave it at that for now.  
Tell us what you would rather not experience in life!
xoxo Darbie 

Darbie Angell

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