My BFF Leonardo DiCaprio

OK  I may or may not pretend I have these bff statuses with a few celebrities like Leo.  Totally normal???? Wendy Williams does the same thing so it must be ok! ...I read that she feels this way in a blog...not by her but someone else says she feels this way and the internet never produces information that is false :)  
OKOKOK but back to Leo.  So while I have never actually spoken to him I have gotten to work with his designer a few times and from that I totally feel like I have the "in" with him.  Am I hanging out at his penthouse suite in NY or on his its just a really busy season for him.  BUT I am sure that I am more than likely at least getting a Christmas card this year!  
Do you have a celebrity bff? Tell me it is normal....

Darbie Angell

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