My Mission and Passion in my Business

I live a full life that while it's glamorous, some days need a lot of grit to get through the stressful work that is full of hustle.

I am blessed to be surrounded by strong women. Some of who are celebrities and well known and some that live in third world countries and are fighting to have a voice.

Each woman has the same goal to R I S E up and impact the world and I stand side by side with them as we push to have a voice so that our daughters can dare to dream their craziest dreams. No matter if it is a conference room in a NYC high rise building or a dirt road leading to our orphanage or factories in Bangladesh we have the best adventures.



From learning to work in different cultures (traveling to 3rd world countries alone to set up factories where bomb checks are common), pulling girls out of brothels and setting up orphanages so that they have a better future, juggling my own family and running multi-million dollar companies for the first time, in the end all the women we work together with come to help each other to conquer our dreams together and prepare a better future for our daughters and no matter where we are we always take time to sit around the table and celebrate even the smallest of wins.

After all we must celebrate everything in life :-)



Darbie Angell

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