My NYC Life: Wardrobe Edition

Okay, so I pretty much live a split life between NYC and my actual home. To keep up with CRU, I am constantly bouncing between my two homes. Unfortunately, in New York right now, it is 37 degrees, and in Texas, it is 81 degrees!!! I have a completely different wardrobe when I travel because the weather is just SO different. 

The great thing about my double life is that I can wear my trendy scarves and dress up in cute coats when I am in NY! Who doesn't love dressing up every once in a while? Anyway, here are some of my favorite travel outfits from The Pink Frock's website!




A basic turtleneck goes a long way. You can be cozy and comfortable with it plain, or layer up for extra warmth and style!



A black leather jacket is a staple item! Not only is it a classic piece for every outfit, but it also blocks out those harsh northern winds. Stay warm, but be cool :)


Main Image - PAIGE 'Vivienne' Denim Jacket (Arwen)


And don't forget a jean jacket for lighter days. Another timeless piece! I love these because I can switch from business casual to coffee-shop friendly in seconds.


Oversized drop-sleeve striped T-shirt:


You can never go wrong with bold stripes! When I toss outfits into my carry-on, I don't always have time or space to make each individual outfit and to match each item strategically with another. That's why I go with a lot of basic items that can be mixed and matched easily. Stripes are one of those cute things that can go with anything! 

This extra soft scarf is perfect to keep you warm and stylish the whole water and fall season. This scarf is plaid with black, and white.  Size: 55 inches by 55 inches:


And last but not least- SCARVES! A black and white scarf like this is great to throw in a carry-on. I can get on the plane in a warm-weather outfit for Texas, throw this on along with a jacket, and instantly be ready for NYC! 


So that's how I transform into a New Yorker within minutes!


What are your travel secrets? :)


    XOXO - Darbie


Darbie Angell

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