My Top January Tableware Picks

Soooo.... Don't look in my closets.


Seriously, I have different decor for almost every month. Like it's unhealthy!!!


I can't help it though, I love change and I love decking out my house to match the seasons! That's why I have different dinnerware combos for every month!


I totally understand that this is NOT normal, but I wanted to share a few of my January top picks. I usually take a few different sets from each collection and mix and match them to keep my tablescapes diverse in colors and patterns... because one is never enough! 



This collection is AWESOME for New Years because the pops of color on black remind me of the fireworks show that I watch with my daughters every year. They keep the party going through the month!


Monaco Platinum


These platinums always get to me near holiday seasons! The shine and mirror just goes well with anything! For me, the New Year is a great excuse to shine and let your home reflect that!!!


Monaco 24kt Gold


When I pull out one of my Monaco collections, I always end up bringing out the other! Gold is a MUST HAVE for me! Especially in the winter months right after New Years! Mostly because it matches my gold cocktail dress, but also because it gives the perfect touch of shine to my table.


Ikat Ruby


Classics never die... That's why I love designing classics with a little twist of modern love. My Ikat Ruby is perfect for January because of the reds that match my winter scarves, along with the gold accents that bring out the Monaco 24kt gold I pair with it!



Darbie Angell

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