I Puffy Heart a Good Pencil Skirt!

I remember when I got my first meeting set with Macy's one of my biggest worries was  What am I going to wear! (Can I get an amen, girls?)  I searched and searched online but I struggled with wanting to make sure that my personal style was incorporated.  

As a professional it is very important to dress the part but to make sure that your personality is seen through your style as well- but in the beginning it can be stressful until you build your confidence.  

Rule #1...and the only rule... Always dress for who you are seeing! And if you are seeing a different group of people in the day that are drastically different CHANGE to fit the personality of the meeting...because it will make a big difference.  
My go to favorites are my pencil skirts!!  They have been my long time favorite for several reasons: 
#1  They are a sleek in any setting!
#2  You can change it up to be more classic with a simple blouse but you can also be more playful with an off the shoulder top to make it a little trendier and edgier if the day is geared more towards the press.

#3  They keep my work outs and eating in check (this might be the biggest reason of all)

What is your go-to look for important occasions?

XOXO -Darbie

Darbie Angell

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