National Coffee Day.... The BEST DAY!

National Coffee Day is this Girl's Favorite Day!!

Finally.... A day that celebrates coffee as much as I do everyday!! Today I am feeling like I should just drink extra coffee just to be respectful of this national holiday ;-)

I thought what better day to share with y'all my all time favorite coffee drinks.... Let's be real, I'll be having one (or two) of each of these coffees today!!



Go-To Coffee Drinks:

1. Americano

2. Cappuccino 

3. Black Coffee

4. Iced Americano

5. Cascara (from Starbucks- one of my new finds that is slowly becoming my fav!)


(Iced Americano)




All of these drinks, I either try to make at home in the morning, or I get at Starbucks! They taste the best and always get me going, especially on those days with minimal sleep!! (Eeeek!)


I was so happy when one of my intern's told me that today was national coffee day!! I shot out of my seat and immediately went to Starbucks to get drinks for my whole team- I mean you have to get Starbucks on holiday like this ;-)


So I hope you enjoy your coffee a little extra today, and feel free to have a little more than normal to celebrate today!!




Darbie Angell

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