Our State Drink in Texas is the Margarita Y'all & Here Are the Ingredients I LOVE

Ok I LOVE me a Margarita guys!  Is there anything better than relaxing on a patio with friends and sipping on a smooth margarita with a few extra limes!  I think not :-)!!! 

Here are my favorite ingredients!  

Milagro Tequila:
Milagro Tequila is 100% blue agave with a crisp, smooth agave forward taste. The spicy black pepper finish give the tequila a nice kick and brings a nice balance to the fresh grapefruit and lemon juices.

Freshly Squeezed Lime Juice:
Squeeze right before!  It has such a fresh flavor and will balance the drink!

Homemade Honey Syrup:
We’ve sourced the highest quality honey from Good Flow Honey Company, a family operated business in Austin, Texas since 1975. Add 3 parts honey to 1 part water and you’ve got all kinds of parts delicious. We might be terrible at math, but we sure are good at chemistry.

Combier Orange Liqueur:
Created in Saumur France since 1834, this harmous blend of sun dried orange peels steeped in alcohol and triple distilled in copper pots is a 175 year in the making “secret” ingredient that pairs perfectly with our stealth addition of a homemade orange bitters.

Hand Cut Ice:
After a vigorous shake, we pour this smooth and balanced Texas staple over a hand cut ice rock served with a lime fresh cut lime wedge.

OK is it Friday yet!?! YES it is!  Forget that I am stealing Rebekah away for an pre weekend soon as I land  :) 

Let me know what your favorite drinks are!!

xoxo Darbie

Darbie Angell

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