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Throughout the journey of building CRU by Darbie Angell, I have centered my company on three pillars:

Family, Fashion Forward Designs and Impacting the World through the company.  





I began CRU by Darbie Angell when I was put on bedrest at 20 weeks pregnant with my daughter, and I wanted to reflect the same values I share with my girls in my work family as well. 

My goal has always been to show my girls how to live out their dreams and to use their talents in ways we can impact lives around us.  Just as important is the lesson that they see me live every day.  When we fall we get back up and push forward. 

Love this picture that a manager on the floor got of my daughter's first trip out to do Comp Shopping!  Very important skills that require wearing a cute bun and Minnie Mouse heels from Halloween :-) 


Fashion Forward Designs



I vividly remember going to a professor in college seeking out advice on career paths that she thought I could pursue.  I had so much passion and drive to create and was sure there was more out there than what I was being shown. Her response was with my skill set I would more than likely become an assistant in a design firm. Hearing the certainty in her voice and lack of choice for my future only fueled my fire to create in a larger way. 

I founded CRU by Darbie Angell with the idea that I could Impact the World One Plate at a Time through my passion for design. I began creating, and since then, life has never been the same!   Thanks for being a part of this journey! 


Impacting the World


80% of our goods are made in Bangladesh.  When I started working with our factories the men wouldn't even speak to me directly. Within an hour of being on the ground in their country I felt that I was there for a reason.  The sites I have seen are things that they should not have to endure.  After working with them for a few months and them seeing I was standing firm on my placement they were able to see my heart and desire to better their lives through our partnership. I began urging the empowerment of more women to give them a voice in their families as well as impact the lives of future generations. Since the start, over 50% of the working population at the factory is now women (as opposed to five in the beginning), and we now are building schools in our factories so that the mothers will bring their children to work and they will be given an education and a chance to live out their wildest dreams.  



So that's a glimpse into the heart of my company. Anytime a sale is made,a portion of the proceeds goes to help the families of Bangladesh. CRU by Darbie Angell prides ourself in maintaining our core values: Family, Fashion, and Impacting the World One Plate at a Time. Thank you for being a part of our Family!


          xoxo - Darbie



Darbie Angell

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