Guys American Airlines Has a Secret or LinkedIn Going On

OK guys!!!!!  People always say how in the world do you meet all of these intersting people.  Well #1 I am apparently 83% extrovert according to the personality test I took so there is that...  #2 Well #1 pretty much covers it! 

So a few people I have met on planes...

I have been on what I thought was my death bed on a flight and sat next to a neurosurgeon who I asked (ok pleaded) to diagnose me.  He did and turns out he said I would live :)  He writes me on LinkedIn about once a month to make sure I don't have any other illnesses to diagnose.  Oh an guys he was nominated for a Nobel Prize!!!!  So proud of him and all he is doing right now!!

I had been searching and searching for this certain buyers contact info for a few months and just couldn't piece her email address together correctly (yep thats how I do it...guess until it goes through).  So I am on this flight back from Paris or Frankfurt last year and I love seeing what others are doing and as I take a break from catching up on emails I look around to see what everyone else is up to.  I see a girl with a long excel chart.  These excel charts are INSANE in the retail world and when you see one you know what it is...the dreaded Long Sheet as they call it or Line Sheet.  blah I get up to go to the bathroom to see if I can make out what retailer it was. It was the RIGHT ONE GUYS!!!!  So on the way back I knelt down and introduced myself and guess what!!!!!!  IT WAS THE BUYER I needed!!  CRAZY!  Yep....


I have met factory owners from far away lands that we source from and have had great relationships with!! 


I have met designers and entrepreneurs that have become some of my best friends and supporters.  They understand the journey and I have gotten to where I can almost without a doubt pick them out.  LOVE these finds on planes! 


I met a guy on our team now in Memphis!  Just so you know...if you ever have to go to Memphis catch whatever plane you can out of there or you might get stuck!!!  I have done the drill a few times and so when I saw an early flight getting out I gave up my seat on a later flight to ensure I would get home!  Thankful I did!  So I get on the plane with these 2 guys.  David Harner was one.  He was on call after call trying to pull things together and I was so impressed with how he conducted himself and was in control of the situation when the other guy was asking how to handle it. After we landed he dropped his bag and I stopped to help him pick up the scattered documents and we traded cards.  Glad we did! 


There have been numerous financial guys, Dr's, attorney's but strangely they have all come from American Airlines flights...oh as well as seeing my neighbor on 2 of them in other cities than where we live!  Guys I think they have something like going on here!!!  Was there a questionnaire I filled out that I don't remember?  


Looking forward to many more trips and friendships made along the way :)

xoxo Darbie 

Darbie Angell

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