Planning the Perfect Trip

Everyone is different...ergo, everyone's idea of the perfect trip is going to be different! But there are some universal tips to keep in mind that will help you plan that dream vacation.



1. Plan ahead

This seams like a no brainer, but a lot of people wait until they get to their destination to find daily activities. But, if you research beforehand, it's so much easier to plan an outing that everyone will love without wasting time during your vacation.


2. Research activities at your destination

Every place has something unique and interesting about it, so get out of your hotel and go see what the city has to offer! It may be an amazing restaurant or Mayan ruins or a beautiful lookout spot, but everywhere has something ... Go find it! It'll keep your group from getting bored and allow you to form new and exciting memories together!



3.  Don't plan too much

This is where I get caught....I love exploring new places, and I want to see everything! But that also means that it doesn't leave me any time for relaxing (which is the point of a vacation)! I've had to learn to leave gaps in the schedule for me to actually relax while I'm traveling. That way, I truly come back rested and revived.


4. Don't stress!!

You're on vacation. Don't stress! If things don't go as planned, that's OK! You are still in a new place embarking on a new adventure and experiencing new opportunities. So, enjoy the time you have and don't let stress get the best of you!


5. Set your email to OOO

My last, and probably most important, piece of advice...if you are out of the office, then be out of the office! Let your boss know that you won't be available, and allow yourself some freedom. You've spent time planning this amazing trip, so don't let yourself get distracted by what's happening back home. Set that email message to OOO, and hop on the road!! 





Darbie Angell

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