Potter's Wheel Reviews!

OMG so I am getting SOOO much feedback on my Potter's Wheel Collection.


It's one of my latest creations inspired by organic moving clay on a potter's wheel. This collection is defined by soft edges and bold brilliant colors that can mix and match to give any tabletop the love it needs.

I LOVE this collection and use the Rosé 16 piece set with my girls all the time! 



Turns out that in a household with three girls, we find a way to incorporate pink into everything!


LOL... anyway, I'm sure you're tired of reading every description from me, so I wanted to share what a few other women have said about Potter's Wheel!


Out of The Box Reviews: Potter's Wheel Mugs

"They are simple, yet beautiful. Perfect for your coffee, tea, hot cocoa or any beverage you desire!"

Photo from OutOfTheBox Reviews

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Stay at Home Cassie: Potter’s Wheel Rosé Set


"I’m so in love with these dishes!  Yes, pink is my favorite color, so that is part of it, but this Rosé color isn’t a deep pink, more of a neutral color.

Even better than the color, though, is how well made these dishes are!"


Photo from Stay At Home Cassie

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Watching other people step up to join our cause and impact women's lives makes me absolutely giddy with joy! I am so happy to see these women happy with our product and I am even happier to see the women in Bangladesh finding their voices.


We are so blessed to have people like you in our tribe! 



Darbie Angell

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