PSA!!!! We're Partnering with Kellie's Baking Co!



So for those of you who aren't familiar with Kellie's Baking Co, it is this ADORABLE bakery in Austin that has SO many incredibly yummy treats :-)

I take my daughters here ALL the time for their edible cookie dough bites. We are absolutely OBSESSED with them!!!


Kellie has been sweet enough to partner with us to offer some of our designs on her cookies! How neat is that?!?!? 

So now your Darbie Angell tableware can match your cookies too ;-) It's yummy and everything will coordinate. Isn't that satisfying???




Anyway, you can check out Kellie's Baking Co here, or see our collab cookies here! These cookies are SO neat cause you can customize their flavors and choose EXACTLY what you want. Sign me up for chocolate chip shortbread!!!








Darbie Angell

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