Robes...Fluffy Slippers...and Infomercial Nights

So Evan and I got into a debate a few weeks ago about whether or not people still watch infomercials and actually purchase from them.  He painted the picture of only people that live in their robes and are vegging out in front of the TV for hours actually buy into something flashing across the TV with a larger than life personality speaking on it.  
I tried to disagree and fight him on the fact that I don't think the customer has to be obese and in a robe to buy into a product on TV and you don't have to be watching it for hours on end to finally pull the trigger and pick up the phone to call the 800#.  However...the fact the he and I both know I don't watch TV unless it is Hallmark Christmas sappy movies exaggeration...didn't really help my stance on the debate.  
I fully believe in making sure I get the full experience ...SO I did what any normal person would do and popped a bag of popcorn and topped it with white chocolate into my robe and slippers and propped myself up in the recliner ready to see what this was all about. I also added a glass of bubbly because it was a really long day.
GUYS!!!!! Within 10 minutes I was hooked on this Air Curler styling contraption that hooks up to your blow dryer and provides these luscious curls in mere seconds!  I could go on...and I think I will because seriously they had real live people showing how it would create a softer tangle free option over a curling iron!!!! And guess what!!! It was only 9.95 and they even gave me a second one for FREE! I thought at this point I should get 2 so that I could share this amazing piece of awesomeness with my sister and sister in law and the list goes on.  Point proven though...I was totally sucked in :) 
I am not allowing myself to watch these anymore because I seriously got roped in WAY too easily!
XOXO Darbie 

Darbie Angell

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