Rolling Down the Road and Not Blending In :-)

WELLLLLL.... typically when you travel you WANT to blend in.  Make sure that you aren't drawing attention to yourself etc etc and that brings me to this blog. Not one of how to blend in but on how I didn't :-) 



Rebekah and I were laughing hysterically yesterday when we were recounting our trip in August with 5 film crew and two ex navy seals and then us... two white girls.  All our guys that came on the journey had beards and tattoos. Not something that is common where we were and then on top of the three vans that we were in we were escorted by police :-)



TOTALLY normal!!!  Even though we may have drawn a lot of attention I should tell you that each of these men's travels and experience in ...tight...situations trumps the attention that we may have been drawing so there wasn't a concern.  






Darbie Angell

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