Setting A Simple Table

With help from Snippet & Ink, we bring you a how-to guide on how to set a simple table for friends and family. 

It's important to have skills to set a basic table to not only impress a mother-in-law (We all have those moments) but in future events of inviting guests over, or knowing what to use for a nice dinner out. 

Tip #1:  To help you remember what utensils go where, picture the word “FORKS” and notice that F (for ‘forks’) is on the left while K and S (for ‘knife’ and ‘spoon’) are on the right.

Tip #2: Always be sure to set your knife with the blade facing toward the plate.

Tip #3: The napkins can be placed on top of the plate, under the charger so that it hangs over the edge of the table, or under the forks if space is tight.


Adding flowers as a centerpiece is always a great touch to creating a full table. As well as a table runner!


Darbie Angell

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